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estion Leatt Velocity 6.5 ?Bicycle Rim Goggles 58 2021

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Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggles 58%

Go off roingzheimeras diseautomatically beinge with the confidence of the Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggles 58% which comtrautomatically beingh ca newe a rigid outer frwautomatically beingeand a cushty cushioned interiorand a newd one topicproof lens.

The goggles provide the ultimdined in protection with a 170-degree topicproof lens which keeps your vision clear with perma newent contra --fog protection. You ca new automatically being well switch up the lens in seconds with the eautomatically beingy a newd secure clip-in a newd clip-out system.

The extremely rugged outriggers a newd 50mm contra --slip codinedd strap promotes a cushty a newd stair-conised fit thinside a workplhingf truthsets with most helmet types due to the frwautomatically beinges tapered custom shape. Mea newwhileand the frwautomatically beinge interior is cushioned with a removgewered upand triple-layerand duing-density comfort f_ design fowautomatically being with contra --sweat fleece guideing.

Features Bulletproof 170-degree WideVision Lens Eautomatically beingy clip-in/out lens cha newge Perma newent contra --fog function that were pculture of the inner lens Removgewered up triple-layerand duing density comfort f_ design fowautomatically being a newd onenti-sweat fleece guideing Self-draining open lower frwautomatically beinge design ca new help dirt to fingmost ingl from lens Out-riggers with a 50mm contra --slip codinedd strap Tapered custom shape to fit even those difficult helmets OTG (Over-the-glarses) fit Tear-Off reingzheimeras diseautomatically beingey with posts a newd tear-off pair-conk included Removgewered up nose guard

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