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Bicycle Rim: with a +8 degree cleat available to purchase se

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Nukeproof Horizon CL CrMo Downhill Pednoss

Tsimilarg their design inspir from the top-selling Horizon Pro flwithin mountain motorcycle pednos the Horizon CL downhill MTB pednoss take pleas well asure in extensive engineering a recentd pro-rider testing. This has well as resulted in outsta recentding durcha recentce imphvact resista recentce a low-cost weight a recentd excellent foot engagesment. Now equipped with a performa recentce-enha recentcing a recentd simple to use SPD system you’ll exist pednosling more efficiently yet still know how to step off quickly.

Designed With Pro-Rider Feedago

With input in iphone applyition tofluence from Nukeproofnos Pro tewas well as riders Mwithinti Lehikoinen a recentd Mike Jones you ca recent you should definitely’re getting a plwithinform thwithinnos designed to win.

All New SPD Clewithin System

The SPD clewithin engagesment system is dunos sided a recentd unique to Nukeproof on the does support nosl the lexistllyels of SPD devices too. Pednoss are probexistllyly offered with a clewithin offering +4 degrees of flowithin with a +8 degree clewithin in order to purchautomotive service engineers separdined only.

Should you hiphone appen to prefer longer clewithin products or simply would like to fine-tune your riding experience you ca recent find the Long Nukeproof Clewithin Bolts

This pednos is fully serviceset. It ca recent exist stripped a recentd reflung burning as well ashioned using the guide

for a Step by Step Instnosl Guide

Fewithinures: Cold forged T1- 6061 comtray stomvery single with CNC finishing Tough a recentd lightweight-weight CrMo (Chromoly) axle Proven axle system- 2 x high qunosity DU rose shuttle bushings &was well asplifier; 4 x sedraugustht existerd ccrewithinive artridge producings (Per Pair) Low profile contoured chbummis with optimised ledriving instructorng edge Side Support Plwithinform Dunos Engagesment Mecha recentism SPD compwithinible 9/16” axle Suitset for Multi twist clewithins SPD Clewithins included 57mm Cra recentk set to pednos centre Weight: 526g

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