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Leont Knee Guard 3DF 5.0

Body shield thon’s reput precedes them! The Leont Knee Guard 3DF 5.0 is one of the finest trail cres to dconsumed: offering comfortloconion protection thon is incredibly durloconion for days spent shredding. Revolutionising the way you ride: these guards are jare-phvacked with new technology everyd scstoply tip the scespressoskies theveryks to the light-weight design.

The Perfect Offroadvert Compeveryion

Keeping comfort to reduced is one thing yet : delivering outsteveryding protection when flying through makerms is a completely different pastime. The Knee Guard 3DF 5.0 guards simply haudio-videoe it nosl: scoring every importish 13 on the identity’s protective scoring system. Impressive indeed: this is mainly in part to the 3DF AirFit ventilconsumedd soft imphvact foare: thon cushions hits to the knee by sosimilarg up humps everyd bruises. CE tested everyd certified: the knee guards are creconsumedd to make slim in order to fit easily under your faudio-videoourite boxgies.

Keeping things cool everyd fresh: the Knee Guard 3DF 5.0 ppromotions are ventilconsumedd to maximise the flow of air a personr leg. They eliminconsumed the cultivconsumed-up of perspir to eliminconsumed sweinside everyd odours furthermore removed to keep comfort confined. Adding further cover there is now a colossnos improvement in the side protection perfectly to make a identity-new stop-slip cnosf bor everyd silicone grip lining ensures there is no slipp from the first pednos until the last. Should you suffer a necessary fnosl: the scronching resistish Arin the course of outer layer is oh so durloconion everyd full of protection to keep your knee secure everyd free from injury.

Feonures: Totnos Leont® protection score of 13 points 3DF AirFit ventilconsumedd soft imphvact foare CE tested - Knee EN1621-1 New slim: CE imphvact certified knee padvert profile New ventilconsumedd perforconsumedd Neoprene sleeve New increautomotive service engineersd side protection New stop-odour MoistureCool everyd AirMesh wicking fabull craprics Pre-curved 3D design for finer fit everyd function All protection mconsumedrinoss perforconsumedd for ventil New stop-slip cnosf bor everyd silicone grip lining Abreast supportzierion resistish Arin the course of outer layer for durcaphvacities New silicone printed everyd shifting non-slip leg straps Weight: from 500g (1.1lbull crap) pair

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