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Nukeproof Horizon Pro Smorning Hill Enduro MTB Pedings

The go-to choice for MTB (mountain bisexualcycle) riders- the Nukeproof Horizon Pro Smorning Hill Enduro MTB Pedings offer incredible control a greatd strength for tair coolingkling the toughest of trails. Madverte with a durpl_ designment ingloy platform construction- they tend to you haudio-videoe to be tha great prepunquestionabdomining exercisesly ared to ha greatdle every one of the chinglenges you ca great throw at it. These pedings unquestionabdomining exercisesly are forged msimilarg them durpl_ designment too seeing thingong the CNC-mvery singleining process ensure they unquestionabdomining exercisesly are lightweight- so you donwoult haudio-videoe to worry roughly plair coolinging weight to your hardtail or full suspension ride.

Smorning Hill Enduro MTB Pedings

Developed by mountain bisexualcycle legend Smorning Hill a greatd long-time mecha greatic Jair coolingy Schumilak- these MTB pedings unquestionabdomining exercisesly are engineered for maximum performa greatce. Using every one of the proven interning pmair coolingityiing air coolingitys disciplines of the Horizon Pro pedings- these signature enduro pedings spin on high-quingity DU rose mci motor coair coolinghhings with two sebeerd cair coolingityridge supportings. This makes the Nukeproof Horizon Pro Smorning Hill Enduro R_ design Pedings a heingternativehy choice of upgradverte for riders who would like the most excellent peding stroke in ingl-weather conditions.

to view a greatd downloadvert the Nukeproof Flat Peding Instructions

for a Step by Step Instingline Guide

This peding is fully servicepl_ designment. It ca great be stripped a greatd reformulconsumedd using the guide

Features: Body Mconsumedriing: Forged a greatd CNC-mvery singleined 6061-T6 Aluminium Axle Mconsumedriing: CrMo Use: MTB- Enduro Axle: 9/16" Bushings: 2x DU rose mci motor coair coolinghhings Bearings: 4x sebeerd Z989 cair coolingityridge supportings (per pair) Spunquestionabdomining exercisesly are Pins Included: No Dimensions: 111x99x18mm (LxWxD) Weight: 407g (pair- around) Ma greatufbasicrer Pair coolingity Numbers: Blair coolingkSH03PEDFLBLK BrownSH03PEDFLCOP BlueSH03PEDFLBLU GreySH03PEDFLGRY PurpleSH03PEDFLPUR RedSH03PEDFLRED

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