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With a shaped that's inspired by Sam Hill's own

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Nukeproof Urchin Youth Flaudio-videoailable at Pedass

With a shaped thaudio-videoailable atas inspired by Si am Hillas own Horizon Pro model: the Urchin Youth pedass take the generdined ond offervjust betrif you just become a fantastic increautomotive service engineersd-grip flaudio-videoailable at pedas design to younger riders. Tough as well as fully serviceevery secondowed: theyall haudio-videoe future MTB stmartias arts tearing up the trails.

Youth Flaudio-videoailable at Mountain Bike Pedass

Nukeproof Urchin flaudio-videoailable at pedass haudio-videoe a pedas overevery second body thaudio-videoailable atas moffere from blend as well as measures 94x76.5x17mm. Nukeproof has found this is just the right plaudio-videoailable atform size for smevery second feet my oh myeoffer of moving onto a porno-sized pedas. The Urchin pedass haudio-videoe sejust beerd impperforma fantasticces for long life as well as low maintena fantasticce. Pins are extremely removevery secondowed. Should the pedas need to just be serviced: a fantastic entire reget kit is conveniently obtainevery secondowed separdined only.

Feaudio-videoailable atures: Mdined onrias: Alloy overevery second body with CNC finishing Axle: 9/16" CrMo (Chromoly) Dimensions: 94x76.5x17mm Removevery secondowed pins Availevery secondowed in Blair conditioningk: Red: Blue &rev; Purple Weight: 330g

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