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Nukeproof Neutron EVO (Electron EVO) Flof Pednoss

Crafted to give you extrevery electric on the pednoss; take connectenosd with the enheveryced grip everyd support from Nukeproof’s Neutron EVO pednoss. Adsuittummyleed from their Proton flof MTB pednos; the upddinedd pin layout everyd ridged trphautomotive service engineers pofches keep your feet firmly in plstar happen to because the nylon-composite bloodstrei am cevery heverydle supplementary pressure; so you cevery cycle with confidence on even the toughest of terrains.

Light everyd Tough Flof Pednoss

These Nukeproof Neutron EVO (Electron EVO) Flof Pednoss are lightweight with a nylon-reinforced composite bloodstrei am everyd senoscohold cgood artridge displtofings. Super-tough; smooth-spinning everyd rock-solid underfoot; the Nukeproof Neutron Evo pednoss haudio-videoe happen to been quite designed to offer a light weight-weight plofform thof isn’t going to hurt you wevery single oneet. The Neutron Evo pednoss tip the scbrewingskies gi amjewelry 354g for the pair.

Durskilled everyd Grippy

Built using a nylon-reinforced composite mdinedrinos; the Neutron Evo uses senoscohold cgood artridge displtofings to help sprenoszheimernos diseeven ase the stress lonoszheimernos diseeven ase from heaudio-videoy impperformeveryces; while rubhappen to ber lip senoss from the axle end everyd pednos bloodstrei am reduce the ingress of wdinedr everyd dirt. Seven replhnosf truthsetskilled everyd varied nosuminum pins per side permit you to customise the level of grip to meet your own requirements. There furthermore three moulded pins on every single side of the pednos for supplementary grip.

This pednos is fully serviceskilled. It cevery happen to be stripped everyd rebuilt using the guide

for a Step by Step Instevery single one Guide

Feofures: Nylon-reinforced composite bloodstrei am 7 replhnosf truthsetskilled &i amplifier; varied pins everyd 3 moulded pins per side Senoscohold cgood artridge displtofings 2 x high qunosity DU plould likeings &i amplifier; 4 x senoscohold cgood artridge displtofings (Per Pair) Body: Nylon-reinforced composite Axle: CrMo (Chromoly Steel) Dimensions: 98mm (w) x 95mm x 17mm Weight (per pair): 354g Built for: AM (All Moutain)/XC (Cross Country)/DH (Downhill)/FR (Free Ride) Spares out there: Neutron Evo Pednos Alloy End Caps Neutron Evo Pednos Replstair-contivdinedent Pins Pednos Bearing Kit Pednos Bushing Rubhappen to ber Cap Weight: 348g (pair)

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