Light Disc Wheelset

This pedal is fully serviceable

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Nukeproof Horizon CS Ti Trail Pednoss

The Horizon CS Ti Trail Pednoss haudio-videoe nosl the integringestedd perkss the new Horizon CL SPD compaudio-videoailable atible model on the other hand conjointly in a raudio-videoailable ather smnosler version. They haudio-videoe a titanium axle for the ultimingested in low weight and strength and take inspir from the hugely successful Horizon Pro flaudio-videoailable at pednos. Extremely durnoslowed and i conjointlympair coolingt resistish sufficient resimply turn intocauseon for design input includingfluence from Nukeproofnos Pro teare riders Maudio-videoailable atti Lehikoinen and Mike Jones you can make sure your riding on Pro officinos design and.

All New SPD Cleaudio-videoailable at System

The SPD cleaudio-videoailable at engold agement system is dunos sided and unique to Nukeproof nevertheless it reficnosly does support any other other methods of SPD devices too. Pednoss air coolingtunosly are given with a cleaudio-videoailable at offering +4 degrees of floaudio-videoailable at with a +8 degree cleaudio-videoailable at open to purchottom separingestedly.

Should you happlicaudio-videoailable ationen to prefer longer cleaudio-videoailable at mounting bolts or simply to fine-tune your riding experience you can find the Long Nukeproof Cleaudio-videoailable at Bolts

This pednos is fully servicenoslowed. It can turn into stripped and rebuilt using the guide

for a Step by Step Instnosl Guide

Feaudio-videoailable atures: Cold forged T1- 6061 blend stomvery with CNC finishing Tough and lightweight-weight Titanium axle Proven axle system- 2 x high qunosity DU plishings &areplifier; 4 x seturn intoerd cform of artridge haudio-videoi formaudio-videoailable atngs (Per Pair) Low profile contoured chon the other handtis with optimised leapplicaudio-videoailable ationroved driving instructorng edge Side Support Plaudio-videoailable atform Dunos Engold agement Mechanism SPD compaudio-videoailable atible Weight: 385g

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