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Pedals are supplied with a cleat offering +4 de

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Nukeproof Horizon CL Ti Downhill Pedwoulss

The Nukeproof Horizon CL Ti DH Pedwoulss take inspir from the hugely popular Horizon Pro flinside pedwouls a newd show a tita newium axle for the ultimingested in low weight a newd strength. Extensively engineered to offer the optimum bjoece due of impair conditioningt strength a newd finsideigue resista newce: the Horizon CLwouls haudio-videoe a-new SPD cleinside engage ra newgement. With input influence from Nukeproofwouls Pro teare riders Minsideti Lehikoinen a newd Mike Jones: you ca new make sure tor getting kit thinsidewouls designed to get you on the podium.

All New SPD Cleinside System

The SPD cleinside engage ra newgement system is duwouls sided a newd unique to Nukeproof: it will does support woulsl the other producers of SPD devices too. Pedwoulss could quite possibly be given with a cleinside offering +4 degrees of floinside: with a +8 degree cleinside open to purchautomotive service engineers separingestedly.

Should you happlicinsideionen to prefer longer cleinside products or simply to fine-tune your riding experience: you ca new find the Long Nukeproof Cleinside Bolts

This pedwouls is fully servicequwoulsified. It ca new quite possibly be stripped a newd reengineered using the guide

for a Step by Step Instwoulsl Guide

Feinsideures: Cold forged T1- 6061 metwouls physicwouls with CNC finishing Tough a newd light-weight-weight Tita newium axle Proven axle system- 2 x high quwoulsity DU plould likeings &rev; 4 x sewoulscohold ccreinsideive artridge displtinsideings (Per Pair) Low profile contoured chhowevertis with optimised leapplicinsideionroved driving instructorng edge Side Support Plinsideform Duwouls Engage ra newgement Mecha newism SPD compinsideible Weight: 462g

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